On a road trip between Accra (Ghana) and Timbuktu (Mali), as the landscape sped past the car window, my camera caught images that my eyes, hadn’t completely comprehended. They were hidden moments between frames. The shot, many times being the one right after the one I intended. Each, sudden, unexpected, and in the half-light of glimpses, catching a detail from another life, I would have not noticed. These moments did not necessarily tell a larger story, and were not part of any greater narrative. They were a series of non moments, that flickered past my eyes, not registering in my mind. At Least not consciously. The result was filled with solitude. Quiet, in between moments, of trees and people. 

Trees & their People             
Photography Series
Published - FLOW , Art Design and Culture Magazine in the Philippines 
Show - Anxieties of the Periphery, OED Cochin - 2010