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Sister Misfortune : OED, Open Eyed Dreams – Cochin 

Smruthi Gargi Eswar (Smu) - an artist based out of Bangalore and Delhi. She studied at the Baroda Faculty of Fine Arts and at Chitrakala Parishad briefly. Her art studies though, had started earlier, while she was still a student at The Valley School KFI. With shows, performances, residencies and fellowships, travelling to Berlin, Budapest, New York, Cochin, Delhi, Hydrabad & Mumbai from her studio space in Bangalore. Collaborating with designers, artists, performance artists and others her photography work has been published both in India and the Philippines.  She was also a board member of Art in Social Structures, an international NGO run and funded by artists that believes that art is the building block of all social structures.
From a fine arts education, she moved on to graphic design and photography almost immediately. Over the last few years, she moved back into the space of Fine Art finding an avenue to explore address and express at a more personal level. The journey from graphic design to art, initially established the medium in which her works are created. Now, her mediums vary, from digital art to terracotta and from acrylic on canvas to photography.


Berlin | Germany
Long durational art piece using the Sister Misfortune series as a Tarot Set to discuss old forgotten mythologies through a feminist lens.

New Delhi | India 
Clothing Line in collaboration with one of the top fashion houses in India.

Sister Misfortune & Seasoned –  The Label Ritu Kumar, Flagship Show Room
Khan Market ,Launch of the collaboration project Seasoned  – New Delhi 2014

Sister Misfortune  - False Ceiling – Mumbai 2012

Her solo show for the series Sister Misfortune, was held in Cochin during the Cochin Biennale (at the Open Eyed Dreams gallery). Also the series was shown at the False Ceiling and at the Art Loft for the Art Hop event in Mumbai. In Bangalore a few from the series were shown at the group show 4 Walls, held at The Taj West End by Art Chutney. 4 new pieces “Seasoned” have been commissioned and created from the series for the Label Ritu Kumar – one of the larger Fashion Houses in India.

Also her later work has been shown in more experimental spaces like Walkin Studios Bangaluru. She was also invited for  the KYTA Art Residency, creating and exhibiting a new series The Winter Apple,  in Himachyal Pradesh.

Smruthi is also a partner in the design space – ODD WORKS that caters to commercial design projects with a wide range of clients from all around the world. Walking the line between design and art Smruthi is keen on exploring the world around her as she blurs the lines between the two.

Sister Misfortune for Licence To Laugh - Shrishti Art Gallery  – Hyderabad 2021

Old City Cave - Privacy to Piracy ,Walk In Studios - Bangaluru



- Bangalore May 2022

DEVI IS IN THE DETAIL - Solo Show at THE SHRISHTI ART GALLERY - Hyderabad April 2022

Sister Misfortune Tarot for THE MOTHER IN ME IS THE MOTHER IN YOU curated by Felizitas Stilleke at BALLHAUSOST - Berlin Germany April 2021

LICENCE TO LAUGH - Group Show Curated by Lina Vincent at THE SHRISHTI ART GALLERY - Hyderabad April 2021

COLAB TECHART FELLOWSHIP - supported by the Goethe Institute Bangalore & British Council India | Produced By JAAGA - Bangalore Oct 2020

The Chess Set & Seasoned - The Courtyard Community - Bangaluru Feb 2019

Still Move - Walk In Studios - Bangaluru Feb 2018

Sister Misfortune : OED, Open Eyed Dreams – Cochin 2018

Old City Cave - Powercut - Bengaluru - April 2018

Full House No Joker - Powercut - Bengaluru - Feb 2018

Sister Misfortune : - OED, Open Eyed Dreams – Cochin 2017

Old City Cave - NUMA Bengaluru - April 2016

Sister Misfortune  - Art Chutney,  Art Collective at VR Bengaluru - Feb 2016

Old City Cave - Privacy to Piracy ,Walk In Studios - Bangaluru Oct 2015

Monsoon Festival - Alliance Francaise  New Delhi Aug 2015

Sister Misfortune & Seasoned – SOLO SHOW - The Label Ritu Kumar, Flagship Show Room Khan Market
Launch of the collaboration project Seasoned  – New Delhi 2014

Sister Misfortune – The Taj West End – Four Wall by Art Chutney  – Bangalore 2014

Sister Misfortune – The Humming Tree – Power to the Women Event  – Bangalore 2014

Sister Misfortune – Art Loft, Event Art Hop – Mumbai 2013

Sister Misfortune : SOLO SHOW Open Eyed Dreams – INDIA Kerala 2013

Sister Misfortune  – SOLO SHOW False Ceiling – Mumbai 2012

Trees & Their People - Anxieties of the Periphery, OED Cochin - 2010

Kitchen Matriarch -  SAWCC
South Asian Women’s Creative Collective Annual Show – New York USA  2008

Assorted Works
- MATRICES (International Show of Elektrographic Art) -
Budapest HUNGARY 2007

Assorted Works - Metrosexual Show Delhi : Red Earth -
Alliance Francaise Delhi INDIA 2006

The Logue -  Speaking in Shadows - Chitrakala Parishath  – Bangalore 2022

Sister Misfortune for solo show Devi is in the Detail - Shrishti Art Gallery  – Hyderabad 2022


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FLOW  - An art, design and culture magazine.
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KYTA  - a residency programme, aims to explore and work on the possible relationships between travel, living, culture, art and expression
Himachal Pradesh | India

Old City Cave - NUMA Bengaluru