One cannot address gender or anything else for that matter without being sensitive to the passing of time. Here the identity of Man, Woman, Matrimony, are fixed on our notion of the past and our idea of the future and these ideas have become the gatekeepers of the present. While the past, becomes a culture worth preserving because of what is conveniently packaged as our joint collective history. In Full House No Joker I have used colonial drawings of India, to create a deck of playing cards. Only, the structure we assume as absolutely necessary, to be able to play any game, is changed. Instead of a King and Queen of Hearts, the set has 2 Kings of Hearts, and 2 Queens of Diamonds etc. The deck still contains the traditional number of cards but the cards themselves are now different. And one has to consider a series of things before attempting to play with them - our idea of gender, our idea of hierarchy and all the numerous things that are a part of that landscape.

Full House No Joker              
Medium : Pigment on Archival Paper 
Limited Edition Set of Playing Cards and Prints on Archival Paper.